Värska and its mineral-infused waters

Water is the source of life

Not a day goes by in anybody’s lives without water – apart from oxygen, it is the thing our bodies need most in order to survive. Each person needs around two litres of water a day. Compared to ordinary spring water, Värska’s natural mineral water contains a wealth of valuable mineral ingredients, including calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium, all of which support the functioning of our vital organs and nervous system. Värska’s water contains almost 2000 mg/l of mineral ingredients, making it a natural water with one of the highest mineral contents you will find.


In accordance with the requirements of natural mineral water, nothing is added to the water during the bottling process other than carbon dioxide, and the only things that are removed are unstable elements such as iron and hydrogen sulphide. All of the mineral ingredients in the water have been deposited in it over millions of years. Natural mineral water will remain fresh in a plastic bottle for at least one year.

Värska’s natural mineral water

The mineral content of Värska’s water (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, silicon et al.) is connected to the geological characteristics of the land in the Värska region, which is one of the most important sites for mineral water in the country. The flavour of the water has been beloved of Estonians for decades. Retaining the qualities of its naturally pure source, the water is drawn from the Ordovician-Cambrian aqueous layer 498 metres underground.

The unique Värska well

The water that flows deep beneath the surface rises to the surface of its own accord, since the aqueous layer that feeds the well sits higher than the uppermost part of the well itself – forming the unusual Artesian well we find in Värska. It was drilled in 2017 and is situated half a kilometre below ground. To many locals it is known as Well no. 9. The water drawn from the well is bottled at source, in the Verska Mineraalvee factory.


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