About us

Verska Mineraalvee OÜ, which manufactures Värska mineral water, operates in the town of the same name in the Setumaa region of south-eastern Estonia. It launched production in 1995, obtaining its water from untouched sources 500 metres beneath the surface. Its production capacity covers market demand in Estonia, while also allowing Värska mineral water to be exported to Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and as far afield as China.

Värska Mineraalvee tööstusmasinad


  • Verska Mineraalvee OÜ
  • REG № 10001437
  • VAT № EE100001255
  • Postal address: Väike-Rõsna, 64034 Setomaa municipality
  • Võrumaa County, Estonia
  • E-mail: varska@varska.ee